iOS 4

The new iOS 4 has created a new buzz in the market by providing all that has been much criticized about the previous versions of it. It is now capable of multi tasking and there are enhanced feature list which will make a power house of performance and will give you a much enhanced user experience.

There are a number of APIs that have been added here in this new version. APIs are basically provisions that will allow you to further customize your applications according to your needs without having to download a new app from the stores. There are a number of them available with this version where you can find all that you need in your daily operations.

Lets have a look at them one by one

Calendars Access

This will let you further customize your calendar app where you can directly edit, add and create events within the calendar app. You can create events that are recurring, set end and start times of the events and that too without having to but any thing new.

In-App SMS

This will allow composing all your SMSs from within the application. It is very much similar to the one provided in the version 3.0.

Photo Library Access

Get direct access to all the photos and videos that you have stored in the phone with the use of Media Library APIs

Video playback & Capture

Find new options of handling videos on your mobile. This new API gives you a never before control over how you play the videos or capture them from your phone through AV foundation network.

Map Kit Improvements

Find your way in a new way. Now the maps will be capable of identifying the regions on their own and you will be able to draw routes with annotations for directions which can also be customized and will have other functionalities as well.

Quick Look

This new API will let you have quick preview of the applications without having to get into it and then realizing what exactly it is. This allows for a quicker function and will save time when you are busy.