The most eagerly anticipated product launch of 2010 was met with a couple of iPhone 4G defects, but this development can work to your advantage, as several free iPhone 4G Test & Own offers are being re-promoted to help identify these bugs and defects. Want to own a unit for free? Read on and find out how.

Okay, so the Apple iPhone 4G was finally released last June 23, 2010. Instead of satisfied owners, however, cities were filled with purchasers who noticed one humongous flaw with the new mobile phone: signal disappears when you hold it in your palm.

What makes matters worse is Apple’s rather nonchalant reply, which eventually became a PR disaster: “you’re holding it the wrong way.”

What the heck, right? Are you supposed to hold the cellphone with 2 fingers? Every single second?

Additionally, there have been numerous reports that some units have yellow discoloration on their screens. Experts say that this problem was expected, as the iMac 27″, the first one to implement the Retina Display that is being introduced to mobile phones courtesy of the newest Apple mobile phone, has the same defect in many of the units sold.

So, the eagerly anticipated launch turned out to be a bust, but it is nothing to be worried about as an emergency firmware update is sure to fix the mentioned defects. The system’s signal reception, after all, can be manipulated by the firmware as the 4G model shares the same physical engineering (albeit sleeker than previous entries) as earlier iPhone units.

But how can these iPhone 4G defects lead to an amazing opportunity for you to own a free iPhone 4G unit?

Well, are you familiar with the free iPhone 4G offers all over the web? The legitimate ones, at least?

These offers are initiated by companies which have great interest on the success of Apple’s newest flagship product. They may be suppliers for Apple, third party developers, prospective advertisers, business partners, and the likes. Regardless of who they are, they want to ensure that the newest version of the product line succeed, and they need your help.

Now more than ever, apparently.

Prior to the newest model’s release, these companies gave away thousands of units for volunteers to test. These volunteers were supposed to report bugs and defects they found with their iPhones. To compensate these testers, they were allowed to keep the units they tested.

Neat, right?

Were you able to avail of such an offer?

If yes, then congratulations on your brand new free iPhone 4G.

But if you didn’t manage to jump aboard one of these offers, don’t worry. More such free iPhone 4G offers are on the way.


Because the aforementioned interested companies can’t afford more bugs and defects found on the system they’re heavily investing on.

The new batch of free iPhone 4G offers can be found at Just like previous offers, however, spots will be limited, so hurry and sign up as fast as you can!

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