By now you probably are tired of hearing that the iPhone 4th generation would be launched in June or July of 2009. Is there a 4G network? Lets just say upgraded 3G for now. The iPhone firmware 2.2.1, Apple Product roadmap and predictions of many analysts all indicate that iPhone upgrade indeed is due in mid of 2009. Someone also blurted out in UAE iPhone launch that the next iPhone upgrade is coming in June, though the credibility of the commenter is questionable. The talk about the iPhone nano has recently died down, seems people are more eager to see the upgraded 3G.

iphone_4gIt’s time to count the features that we would love to have in the upgraded iPhone 3G. This means change on both the hardware and the software front. Few days back, Gizmodo has even posted the likely design of the 4G iPhone. To be frank many people do not like it, I am out too. Well, these are the features that I would love to see on the iPhone 4G if it really come.

32 GB: For many reasons the storage capacity of the to be launched iPhone should be only 16GB and 32GB. One silly reason for this is we have waited for the 32GB for too long. Another sane reason for wanting more storage is to store as many games, songs and movies to show off to friends who don’t use the iPhone. Well, the need for more storage is required for multi tasking purposes too.

Multi tasking capability and push technology: This is one feature that I missed on the iPhone after chucking my old Nokia 6300. I often used to record live calls from friends just for fun. It is very disheartening to live with the iPhone without a feature which even a very low cost phones have. It was really good to hear the rumor that Apple is planning to support multi tasking on the iPhone. I can see people running a VoiP application fulltime on the iPhone along with other applications in the future provided the battery life also gets upgraded.

Built in Video recording app: Steve Jobs does not want the iPhone to be used for recording crappy video? No one knows why there is no video recording feature on the iPhone. Jailbroken iPhone users have more than one video recording application. It is simply illogical to leave out legitimate iPhone owners from the fun of having this feature. Apple should provide this as a built in feature in the coming upgrade.

Removable Battery: Apple has cracked the secret of making effective battery that last longer than normal ones with the launch of the 17″ Macbook. It’s likely that the iPhone too would get that kind of durable battery in the coming upgrade. Over and above that the battery should be removable; when the battery is gone users  should simply go get an extra battery without sending the whole phone to Apple. It is all illogical.

Cut and Paste: Cut and paste feature should be there, or I am not going to shelf my present iPhone 3G. Apple has broken promises regarding this.

MMS: Well, for people who have issues using mailing option to send/share photos and images, Apple could think of providing MMS feature. I prefer mailing though.

iChat: Is this a joke? How about having iChat on the iPhone? Figure out for yourself how it might work. Yes, iChatting with friends on the iPhone could be real fun. The image posted by Gizmodo has a front camera meant to be video conferencing camera. I have seen this before the launch of the present iPhone 3G. With the coming upgrade, video conferencing can be expected.

Flash: Adobe is working to bring flash on the iPhone, so for the coming upgrade, flash would come pre-loaded or we add it as an add on. If the storage capacity and the ARM chips are upgraded, flash would not make the iPhone crawl.

Better Camera: The present 2 Megapixel camera is no good that too without flash though the iPhone camera is the most popular camera in Twitter. Apple should roll out the upgrade with at least a 3.2 megapixel camera with a flash preferably.

That’s quite a lot. If you have any wish list, add up for Apple to see. And yes AT&T should also do whatever is needful before the upgrade to avoidf being sued continously for patchy connectivity.