iphone-vs-blackberry-boldOver the last few weeks, I have many people asking me a question regarding their next phones, should it be the iPhone or a Blackberry?

Before I could answer them, I took a detour and decided to tell them a bit of each device and the system they are buying into.

First up, the phone that changed the industry – the iPhone.

I have been using the original iPhone for over a year and a half now and with iPhone 3.0 OS installed, I just love my iPhone even more. The new update to the iPhone OS adds many new features that are welcome additions to the already great phone. While MMS and Voice Control are commonplace in many mobile phones, Apple did it in their elegant way.


However, features such as magnetic compass, Nike+ in the new OS, or even the new Tap-to-Shoot 3MP camera in the iPhone 3GS are not the deciding factors when making the switch and buy into their system. What users really get if they decide to go with the iPhone is the App Store. There are around 50,000 applications in the App Store today. These open up many doors of possibilities, giving the iPhones a lot of flexibility. Personally, I have spent around USD100 on the apps purchased wireless through the App Store in the iPhone.

Like I said before, Apple and the developers have done this in an elegant way, one that you will definitely enjoy using. In fact, the original iPhone is around 2 years old and there are still tens of thousands units in circulations today. With each software update that Apple provides to users for free, your iPhone will not get outdated, though it can get outpaced by newer hardware.

Next, the Blackberry – the will to stay in touch.

Just a couple of days ago, I decided to make the SWITCH! Yes, most of my friends do not believe that I would abandon my iPhone for the Blackberry, the Bold to be precise. However, I am not actually abandoning the iPhone OS. I am waiting for the next gen iPod touch where I will get back into the “game”. After I have set up my Bold, which took me quite some time, as the Blackberry OS let you to actually customize the device in more ways than the iPhone OS.

blackberry-bold1As an ex-Treo user, I would say that the interface on the Bold is similar though much more powerful than the now-defunct Palm OS. Nonetheless, I have always been a fan of a physical keyboard and trackball. Looking back at the old days. I am now enjoying the genius BB Messenger idea, with many of my close friends using it. In addition, the Push technology edges out what Apple is trying to do with the OS. No, it is not only about the emails, but Facebook, Twitter too. Moreover, Blackberry is closely integrated with Facebook, that you can connect your Blackberry contact to their Facebook account and get their updates instantly, which is pretty cool. While the iPhone allows this through a 3rd party app, Blackberry build this right in. Another feature that is more important to corporate users, is the high level of security in the Blackberry system, which I will not touch much.

Conclusion – or not really

So which device should you spend your money one? The earlier paragraphs are not conclusions and they are not meant to be. I have just shown you major functions of both devices for you to decide. For example, if you enjoy the flexibility and elegance, go with the iPhone and you would not be disappointed. On the other hand, if you have a group of close friends who are on BBM and you want to be one of the family, I feel that this factor alone is good enough to get the Blackberry. After all, Blackberry is, I have to admit, edging Apple a little on integrating closely with social networks in this instance.