In today’s rat race, it is crucial to be on top of your game and have a ‘I can do this’ attitude to take on the challenges of life. As with most things of value, a positive attitude is not something that occurs overnight. Much like you dedicate time every week to running in order to build your physical body, you must dedicate time to build your mental body.

In this article, I will outline 3 ways to start you on your journey to developing a positive attitude.

1 – The Social Factor

It has been proven that your social circle carry the greatest influence as to your mindset and resulting behaviours. If most of your friends are sorry sods it is more than likely your social circle is restricting you from creating the attitude you want.

The solution?
Get social. Find people whom you believe will be a positive influence on your goal to creating a positive attitude This could be anyone from your grandma to a self help guru like Wayne Dyer. What you are after is the mechanisms and behaviors they incorporate to develop and maintain a positive attitude.

2 – The Human Constant
Another psychological fact – Humans strive to make their reality constant. This is one of the reasons why we, as a whole, can have such strong resistance to change.

So how do we make use of this?
Create a vision board. A vision board allows your vision a physical presence, helping you to refocus your efforts when you slip. For example, if you want to develop a positive attitude, you might place pictures of people with healthy attitudes you want to role model or strategies you want to implement to make your goal a reality.  Also, you can put post-it notes everywhere, reminding you of your goal and keeping it a constant in your life; in your car, on your desk, on the kitchen bench, everywhere! For example, the post it note could read: ‘I am a good person’

3 – Mind Monitoring

The third way to develop a helpful attitude is to have positive self talk. This means monitoring your train of thought. If you have a lot of negative thoughts like ‘People hate me’ and ‘No one cares about me’ its time to give your brain a shakeup. Consciously focus on cutting out negative thought trains and replacing them with positive thought trains.

To take it a step further, whenever you find yourself talking negatively, cut that as well. Sometimes it is best to ‘say nothing if you have nothing nice to say’.