There are many times in life in which I feel my mind has been overpowered by the things that life throws my way. As my mind reflects on these moments I have to remember that no matter what we do, life goes on. There is no limit to what we can do or handle. There is no boundry to the human environment. Still life can get the better of us at times. A financial struggle here, or a battle with the spouse there. Sometimes it comes in the for of an overpowering lonliness. Family struggles pry thier way into our minds. Our bodies feel as if there is no more strength. At times we feel like giving up with all of the stress that builds in our minds. We want to scream, cry, and kick until we can no longer utter a single word. We feel as if we are dead at times. Other times it’s like the world has forgotten our existance.

I have often time felt myself in these possitions if not more of them. It is important for us to remember what we have. We don’t have just another job, car, and house. We have our minds. They are the link of the living world. Even in these days of economic struggle we still breathe. We must look at these things to realise that we are human beings and we are part of life. When we shake the hand of one stranger we are also shaking the hands of every person he or she has shaken. When we breathe, we are breathing the same air that has passed through the lungs of a famouse person. Even the water that washes us clean in a shower, was once part of the rains the cleaned Christ’s blood from the rocks at Calvary. Every second of every breath of every thought determines how we live the rest of our lives. So at times It is hard to hold a head high. Still we are alive in much the same way. Still we are all different in the way we see, smell, hear, tast, and touch. The beauty I see in a person, may be ugly to another. That makes life interesting. We never know what the other person is thiking.

If any one thinks this article is just rambling on and on, stop a second right here….. Now count to three, and notice that the thoughts stressing you out have somehow been replaced by what your eyes read. Its not gone, but it dosn’t seem as bad. If my little article didn’t help as much as I hoped it did, stop again, breath, now remember one thing. This is the thing I started telling myself when I felt the world crushing my head. “I don’t have time to wory about life, I only have time to live it.” That is the simple truth. Why waste time with worry, when that time you can spend living, and seeing the beuty of life.