What is vision?


Vision is your ultimate accomplishment and fulfillment of your purpose. It is the better life you are dreaming about. It is the financial freedom you want. It is doing what you want to do when you want to do it. It is a destination. It is a result.One way of looking at life is all about getting new and better or different results. Your health whether poor or good is a result, your weight thin or fat is a result, your bank balance is a result etc. It does not take a rocket scientist therefore to figure out that if you want new, better or different results in an area of your life, you need new, better or different way of thinking and of doing things. So how do we create results? Our results are a product of our actions. We choose our actions based on our thoughts. So our thoughts become actions then become results. Vision is similar to pregnancy; it starts as a seed, an idea or a thought that is planted. The desire to erect a beautiful building is an idea or thought that existed in our minds first before conception of the building took place. The more you think and do something about this thought it begins to grow and develop. Finally the seed is ready for birth – the labor and delivery takes place and the seed manifests itself where everyone can see it. What started as a thought or idea will grow and develop into reality. Our thought processes are like seeds growing in the soil of our brains. If the soil is infertile, the seeds will not grow. If the soil is fertile the seeds will grow into giant trees that sustain life. The moral of the story is that if you are planting seeds of wealth, those seeds need to be planted in a fertile brain that will support their growth. In order to achieve the desired result one must, however, have a step-by-step blueprint of how to lay the foundation, support the structure etc. In order to realize your vision you need to set up goals that will guide you in the realization of your vision. 


Goal Setting


Our lives are affected by several factors, one of which is the environment, where we live, the parents we have, the school we attend and our friends all play a role in our lives. We are shaped by events and circumstances that happen in our lives. Knowledge or lack thereof also shapes our lives. Out of all the factors that affect our lives, nothing has the power of transforming our lives for the good, than our thoughts and the decisions and actions that we take. By knowing your purpose in life, you now know why you exist. The knowledge of knowing your vision, where you are going and where you want to be and to be doing and the decision that you take will motivate and inspire you to practice goal setting. You are not going to start brainstorming and writing down anything and everything that comes to your mind, but you will be guided by the seeds of thoughts that you are thinking and planting. These seeds could be your dreams, things that you want and think about a lot, material possessions you would like to have, your career of becoming a doctor or singer and places you would like to visit. Remember there are no limits, except those that you set for yourself. Therefore do not limit your life by disallowing yourself to imagine great possibilities for fear that you may not achieve them. Here is what you need to do! Write down all your short and long term goals.


Prioritize your goals


Select ten goals from your list and start writing reasons why you want to achieve those goals. Next select three goals that are more pressing in your life and convert them into specific and measurable objectives and act on them with the belief that you will achieve them. Your goals have to be clear in every detail in order for you to achieve your goals. Include all possible  details, colour of the car you want, make and model; the location of the house you want, number of rooms, furniture and any other vivid details, then provide a date by which you expect to own whatever it is that you want. For those who are new in this science, it is recommended that among your small goals such as passing that exam, getting higher grades, landing that first job or getting that promotion, that you should include ‘Big Goals’ that will stretch you, because this science works whether you want to create  one room or a mansion, it works whether you believe in the law of attraction or not. Once you have written down all your goals, both large and small, make sure to read your goals at least twice a day- morning and evening. Write your goals on a 3×5 card, the size of your business card and keep them in your wallet.