1.Everybody’s life is a Taj Mahal. Step by step, brick by brick, day-by-day efforts were made & it was built into the world famous structure that the world had ever seen. Man’s great life is also built through the step-by-step intelligent effort. No great life is built through half-hazard way or mistake-by-mistake.

 2. Thought begets action, action begets character & character begets life. If man starts to build his thoughts properly then he can build his great life.

 3.  To maintain a daily routine of our life and strictly follow it is the first step to build our life.    

 4. Every wastage, it may be time or energy is the sign of one step backward in your life. So be careful of that wastage.

 5. Don’t give an entry point to any vital desire .It may spoil you again & again. Mind it that there is no end of either physical or mental desire.

 6. Build a Divine Life through keeping God’s vibration always.

 7. Before doing anything concentrate on God within & judge through your intellect.

 8. Do meditation every morning & evening to discover you. Self Discovery is the highest discovery in this world. Discover your qualities & potentialities within. Try to find a way for more progress in your life. Here progress means not in terms of money or position but in Life.

 9. Make your life a creative one. Life without creativity & innovativeness is a dead life.

 10. Fix the Goal of your life. Life without a Goal is like a boat without an aim-where to go. An aimless life is a miserable life. Your aim must be pure & noble .The aim will help you to fix the planning to achieve it.  

           (A successful person is not a different person but he works differently)