Many people want to change their life without changing who they are but the truth is your life is a clear reflection of who you think you are in this moment. Your circumstances will not change if fundamentally you have not changed. You are experiencing a reflection of your current state of thinking. Learning to change your life means that you gently confront who you think you are and identify what experience of you, you would like to form. Letting go of who you think you are is the most empowering experience you can allow for yourself.

This is important to understand as you learn 3 quick steps that will change your life. Here are simple and easy things you can implement right now that will help you begin to let go of the old perception of you and allow a new experience to unfold.

Learn that you are not the thought that you are having in any moment.

That is merely an experience you create in that moment. Learn that thoughts are tools that shape your reality. You choose the thoughts you are having and you choose the reality you are shaping in each moment. If you choose an empowering thought, you have an empowering experience. If you choose a disempowering thought, you choose a disempowering experience. The choosing is up to you. Most importantly here is to understand that you are not the empowering or disempowering thought that you had. That is just the experience being created by that thought. You must decide which experience you would like to have. Then you are free to create a new reality at anytime.

Learn what style and thinking pattern you were taught as a young child.

There are 6 deadly, yet widely used, daily thinking and speaking habits that sabotage success. These habits are handed down the lineage line from parent to child. When you learn what yours is and you can unravel some of the sabotage that can plague your lineage line. Most importantly you can stop this from being passed to your children. Learn to empower yourself with thinking habits that are healthy and support your best life dream as you become what you believe you are. You speak into existence the experience of what your thoughts about yourself and your life are. This does not mean you are the thought you are having. What do you tell yourself you are experiencing yourself to be?

Become aware of what you are telling yourself in each moment.

You are not experiencing something someone said; you are experiencing what it is you are telling yourself about what someone said. Both, an angry thought or a happy thought are the results of what you tell yourself. Learn to empower yourself by being response able to you. Slow down a moment and ask yourself, what am I telling myself about this situation or moment? Whether you are happy or angry you will find that you are the thinker in each situation. If you pay attention you can here yourself speak the experience to yourself in almost a fleeting thought that says something like “how nice of them to do that or that was rude an insensitive.” These statements you say to yourself tell your body and mind how to feel. Your body makes a chemical cocktail the helps you feel happy or angry. You are in charge of what you tell your body to mix for you. Happy or angry chemicals come from you.

Begin with these 3 quick steps and you will begin to be the master of your experiences and create the life that you want. Learning self-command requires that you are willing to seize command of your life starting with who you think you are. Literally, who you think you are is the experience you will begin to unfold in each moment.