If you are having issues with getting clients for your business these days, you are not alone. Many business owners I know are reporting to me that it is much harder to get clients now that everyone is concerned about increasing prices and a downturn economy.

How is your business doing? Are you having trouble finding clients for your business? If your answer is yes, here are tips to help you making getting more clients for your business easier, even in this economy:

– Define And Refine Your Target Market. People like to do business with those who they consider to be experts in their field. When your customers are aware of your expertise and your knowledge, they are much more willing to do business with you and buy from you.

Therefore, the clearer you are about who your customers are, the easier it is for you to get clients for your business.

– Get Your Target Market To Know You. As we just discussed, when your potential customers know who you are, it is much easier to convince them to become your clients and buy your products.

So how can you get your customers to know you? You can do that by publishing a newsletter, participating in social networking web sites where they participate, teaching teleseminars for your target market, speaking at radio shows that they listen to. You need to reach many people in your target market at once in order to get them to know you.

– Diversify The Marketing Techniques That You Use To Promote Your Business. If before it may have been enough for you to use just one marketing technique and get enough clients for your business, now it may not be enough. You need to diversify your marketing in order to reach your potential customers in different market segments.

There are many different marketing techniques that you can use to bring clients to your web site and your business. The include article marketing, business blogging, teaching teleseminars, online social networking and many more.

– Create Many Streams Of Income. Just offering one one-on-one service to your potential customers is not enough. Many times a potential client will not be able to afford your service, so you are not going to make any money with this potential client if the service is your only offering.

When you have many income streams, great things happen. If a potential client can’t afford your service just offer your e-book or teleseminar or an audio recording for them to buy. They will be able to have access to your expertise at a lower price, and you will be able to earn money.

– Look For Cross-Promotional Opportunities. Cross-promoting yourself with other experts in your niche will enable you to reach more people in your niche without spending a lot of time doing that. The more people you can reach in your niche, the more potential clients will be aware of who you are and what you do.

An economic slowdown makes you think more creatively about marketing your business. In order to have a successful business now, you need to reach more people in your niche and offer them different options to do business with you.