Following kind of people, please back out from reading this article – those who believe in the hardcore nature of life, those who don’t like Shakespeare’s blank verses and metaphors, and those who like my articles on being aggressive in life.

There are so many things in life that looks so real, but actually its unreal. Those who have been able to differentiate between the real and the unreal things have emerged as life winners. Those who think that the mirage of life is real, they end up swimming in this mirage, and the best part is they even think and believe that that’s how things are in real. Actually, there is nothing called as real in the unreal. It’s the visuals which gives the effect of reality. Ask a person who is blind by birth – he looks at the world from other’s eyes. He believes at what others say. Actually, we all are blind by birth. The dogmas, the race, the creed, the nationality, the parentage, the culture, the environment and the surrounding create an impression in our mind, and we start believing in it. We are made to believe that this rudimentary thinking is the sole truth, and any attempt by anyone to move away from this, is comprehended as opposing the social well defined norms. But people don’t realize that these social norms have been created by gradual incessant unlearning of the false things.

We all know and in fact, all are taught to differentiate between good and bad. But nobody is taught to differentiate between the real and the unreal. So strong is our belief in the unreal, that the real remains buried deep down somewhere. Difference between good and bad exists only in the unreal world, because the real world is all perfect, and in perfection there is nothing good and nothing bad. The pain, the joy, the sorrow, the grief, the achievement, the failure – its all unreal. The only real thing in this world is the realization of the unreal. If we don’t have the realization of the unreal, then our life would remain surreal forever, and we would continue to live in the superficial plane of life.

The entire gamut of our life is pre – written, we cannot alter it. Our role is limited to playing this role in the best possible way. There is nothing to be tensed and worked up in life. Imagine if you were a theatre artist, and you were given a role of playing sadist. Do you think, you inner natural self of being joyful, will change just because you were offered this role of playing a sadist. Deep down you know that this is just a temporary role you are playing. Just because you have to act as a sadist, does not mean that you become a sadist in real life. The same simile applies in life. Your real nature is to be blissful in life, don’t get carried away when you have to encounter grief in life – it is just a temporary passing phase.

They say that the only thing permanent thing in life is change. If change is the only permanent thing in life, then the very definition of permanent is ought to be changed. There are indeed permanent things in life. There are things which will keep us stable all the time. Once we understand the intricacies of real and unreal, then the real fun in life starts to occur – you will develop powers to observer your outer self – the way it manipulates and maneuvers – you inner self being completely aware of it – then you become completely oblivious of the fact that the very nature of mind is to flicker and stray – then you get to see the bigger picture – then you get to know how you have been wasting this beautiful life in petty things – then you realize your eventual mission in life.