I just saw one advertisement in the television. There is a big traffic jam on the road, because of an intermittent storm. A huge tree had fallen on the road. Everybody was stuck on the road. Then a 10 year old child came, and he tried to move the tree. Other children on the street followed suit, and within few minutes there were ten more children. All the people in their vehicle were looking at this, and they got the inspiration from these kids and everybody starting lending their hand in moving the tree.

This story is as inspiring as any other story. This is one of a great example of what true leadership is all about. Leaders need not be the strongest or the most capable person in the world, but the most important quality is that they have initiative. The child was too feeble to move the tree, yet he took the initiative, and after that people followed suit. It is a widely known fact that the world follows the leaders.


Many people complain that they don’t have the opportunity to exercise their leadership skills, as they don’t have the leader’s label attached to their title. All I can say to such people is to change the way they think. There will definitely be constraints if you don’t have the leadership tag, but the way you operate will define the way you want to lead. Leadership is in attitude, not in title. Leaders carry their leadership qualities with them wherever they go. Leadership is a very infectious trait, as it spreads like virus. Leadership has its own viral nature. So all it takes for someone is to stand up and take the lead. The others will surely follow.


We tend to have too many excuses when it comes to leading an initiative. Everybody comes up thousands of excuses all the time. If we want to make a difference, if we want to stand out of the crowd, then we have to come out of the cobweb of excuses and run over them. For the above given example, everybody could see that there is a problem with the tree lying on the middle of the road. Everybody was expecting that somebody else will take the lead in removing it. In fact, for some people they could not even think of looking for a solution. They were blaming the storm, they were blaming the civic authorities, they were blaming each other and they were blaming what not. Its high time when we think of the world as our own home, and do things outside just as we do in our own home. Imagine a tree falling on top of your house. Will you wait for your neighbor to come and remove it? No, obviously not. You will be proactive and do every possible thing to get it removed as soon as possible.


Every now and then, we undermine our own inner strength. I remember one story – there was one boy who always wanted to climb a wall which was a bit too high for him. He had tried it many time, but could not do it. Once it happened that a street dog started running after him. The boy started running towards the wall. When he reached the wall, he easily climbed to go to the other side of the wall. When he reached the other side of the wall, he was surprised with his ability to jump across the wall. That’s what happens to us – we don’t stretch ourselves beyond one limit. We don’t unearth the limitless potential that we have. We all have tremendous energy within us, but we need to find it out, dig deep and ignite this spirit.


Take the lead, lead the world, and make a difference.