We were always told about one example to let people know why they fail to attain salvation in life – Try taking the fish out of water. What it does – it keeps moving its body in all possible directions, and develops an extreme urge to go back to water. Unless you put it back to water it does not stop trying. People can find salvation in life, only when they develop fish like craving and yearning for God.

The same principle applies in our life as well. We tend to give half hearted effort and expect some magic to give us the expected output. But it does not work that way. The world runs on a cosmic principle and weighs your options in life as per your thoughts. In simple words, we become what we think. There has been thousands of theories put forth to prove this point. Thats why, when we want to do something in life, just jump into it and do not give up until you accomplish your goal. Believe me, the only thing that matters is your determination to pursue your goals. There will be definite bottlenecks in your path, but do not give up. You will fall, you will fall many times. But each time you fall, you should become even more courageous, and strive even harder. People will laugh at you each time you fall. If you fall many times, even the believers will start questioning your abilities. But let that not weaken your spirits. If you know your cause is noble, then keep trying. You need to have little bit of stubbornness in you. You should be stubborn just like a child – a child will keep crying until they get want they want. Rest not, till you find your end.

Many people say that they fail in spite of trying hard. They start blaming the destiny for it. Let me tell you the spiritual connection behind this concept of destiny. Well, time and again, I start relating things to spirituality. But I cant help it, because it is with Spirituality that the truth lies. If you are one amongst those who do not believe in Spirituality, then just lie down on your back and ponder what will happen after you die, your being is there till your last breathe – so dont you think its temporary! Anyway, coming back to the spiritual reason behind destiny – In spirituality it is said in the present era 65% of whatever we do is governed by our past actions. Remaining 35% is our willful action. So you may think that majority of what we do, wont give us the expected results. But actually what happens is, even if we use 1% of those 35% of our willful action properly, then we will be able to achieve our goals. Its that simple.

So the point is that, our thoughts, our ideas take a shape in our consciousness. Once it takes a shape, it is upto us to start banking on it. The shape can get deformed, if we do not caress it with extreme urge. That shape has to be given a structure with our willingness and it is our willingness which will convert this visualized image into a more tangible form. So friends, dream on – but once you start dreaming, follow it with extreme urge until its attainment.