You have a giant sleeping within you. Its lying dormant deep within you. You need to shake it, you need to wake it. We don’t tend to realize the immense power that lies within us. We always underutilize ourselves. The power and the strength that we possess within us, always remains an enigma for us. Those who realize this power get their names sketched in history forever. It all up to us to dig deep down within us, and make use of the incessant and limitless energy within us.


I know many non-believers will say that these are all philosophy and nothing of this kind exists in the real world. I am reminded of a story, which I read somewhere. A man went to a barber shop. He found that the barber was someone who loved talking. He told that he did not believe in God, and he was an atheist. He said that he had never seen God and so he does not believe that God ever existed. The man was a true believer of God, but he did not want to confront him, as he knew it will bring about a heated argument. After that the man went outside, and found that there was a man outside the barber shop who had a very shabby look, and had long and unkempt beard and hair. The man immediately went inside and told the barber that the barbers don’t exist in the world. The barber asked him how can he say that, he just got things done by him. The man pointed to the shabby person outside the barber’s shop. The barber said that the shabby man has to come to him, so that he shape his beard and hair. The man pounced on his answer and said you also need to go to God and follow his paths to realize that he indeed exists. Similarly, we also need to look within us, look deep down inside our consciousness to realize the true potential.


This world and the universal cosmos works in harmony all the time. It works in the most subtle way to fulfill our innermost passions within us. The desire and the hunger to achieve should be immense. Once one’s inner urge connects with the cosmic principle then it starts working vigorously towards it. It is this reason that all motivational speakers and writers talk in terms of positive thinking. We need to continuously think about what we want to achieve in life. The mind needs to be trained towards it. I have already explained in my article “Spiritual Interpretation of how mind works” – the conscious mind does things which comes as a vibration from the subconscious mind. The power of spoken word is a great way to train mind to start thinking positive. Believe me guys, it works. Lets say you are striving to be an Entrepreneur. You are presently in job, and you want to come out of it, to start something on your own. But you have some compulsions because of which you are not able to come out of your job and realize your dream of starting something on your on. So what you should do in such a scenario? Have faith that you can be an Entrepreneur. Keep training your mind towards Entrepreneurship. Read books on leadership. Keep thinking that you are going to be an Entrepreneur one day, though you may not have the resource to be so as of now. Once your desire and the innermost urge to be an Entrepreneur reaches its pinnacle, the cosmic principles will start working to help you out. The world around you will start opening avenues, which will prepare you towards Entrepreneurship. It will open doors for you to jump into Entrepreneurship.


This is a connected world – connected with the same string. Vibrations in one end of the string creates ripples in the other end as well. The only thing that is needed is the belief that your thoughts do create favorable circumstances in your life. Understand that whatever is happening in your life is the result and action of your thoughts. Your current position is the result of the magnanimity and enormity of your thoughts. If you are big now, it is because you have trained and adapted your mind to think and act big. If you are small, it is because you have accepted that you have limited potential.


There are have been many beautiful souls who have trod this world, and made a difference because of magnanimity of their willingness and thoughts.. They were also one like us. If they can do it, then why cant you and me. Nobody is born with an extra pair of mind or heart. So what is this differentiating factor? What is it that makes them different? The only thing which makes them different is their willingness and determination to pursue what they want to achieve. You need to realize your innermost potential and raise yourself to the highest platform.