There is no one in the world who is going to trust you as much as you do on yourself.
Believe in your abilities, and pursue your dreams. This world is not a bed of roses, and
you cannot expect everybody to praise you, but you have have to develop a very thick
shield all around you, when people criticize you. 
Let their criticism not weaken your spirits. Let the foolish continue to blabber whatever
they want to. Those who bring others down are not the visionaries, they are themselves
the scapegoat of their ill thoughts, and cannot tolerate over ambitious people. 
A word about those big bad people, and how to protect yourself from them. This includes
not only the so called bad people, but also the pessimist in you. The pessimists will always
try to deter your from thinking forward - mainly because either they have a gloomy
outlook to life or else they cannot see the larger picture themselves. Cover yourself from
these people. Dont you think that it is running away from struggles of life. It is like
throwing stones at the mud. If you struggle with the mud, it is defnitely going to bite you,
and even dirt you with their dirty thoughts. So protect your spirit from these people.
Let them carve their own ideas and propositions about you. Let their perspective not deter
your hopes in life. After all it is your life, and you are the master of it. You have to decide the
way your life needs to go. You are your own destiny creator. You define your life. The day
you become slave to the situation, you are no more a human; you are then just a prisoner
of situations, a prisoner who has no freedom, a prisoner who cannot think beyond the walls
of the jail. So let not your spirit be binded by limited thoughts. Allow your spirit to grow,
let your spirit free - allow it reach for the sky and it will no doubt attain the limitless
freedom which everyone craves for.  It is true life is not a bed of roses, but it is also not a
bed of thorns. It is all in the thoughts. If the mind is perturbed my disturbing thoughts,
then even in the best of scenic places, it wont find respite. Its all in the mind and your 
spirits. Let the higher and positive spirits govern your mind and thoughts.