There is a very nice Hindi song, written in the early 1950’s, which says – ” Zindagi khwaab hai, khwaab mein such hai kya, aur bhala jhooth hai kya”. Well, let me translate it into English – ” Life is a dream, and there is nothing called as truth and lie in a dream”. I can see some smiling faces here. But as a matter of fact, this is a profound statement and a life changing one as well.We are living under the realm of our limited imagination, and the fact is that we are living like the frog who thinks the “well” is what the whole cosmos comprises of. What amazes me is that we all know that, we have limited thinking and we cannot comprehend everything beyond a point, yet we want to believe on this self-acclaimed pre-occupied notions. What a pity! There is so much more to life, than the daily humdrums. The day we cover ourselves in the veils of the cosmic principle, we will be able envision a larger universe and we will realize what we are all about.

Have your ever looked at the activities of children in a subtle way. Children are the most uninhibited creatures on the planet. With age, they don’t learn new things, rather they unlearn their own selves, and learn all about the lies of life. Though it is sad, but it is necessary – rather I will call it as a necessary evil. What matters to children most, is running around in an open park – they are so ecstatic to do that – have you even noted it.? For us, we become ecstatic about something we will achieve in future, and even if we achieve that in future, by that time our priorities get changed, and we look for even bigger goals. So achievement of one goal is overpowered by the pursuit of yet another goal, and the story goes on forever. The day we start feeling ecstatic about smaller things in life, we should think that we are moving on the right track. Bigger goals are good, but why to forget smaller achievements in pursuit of bigger ones. Besides, don’t forget that smaller achievements will be plenty in number, compared to the bigger ones, which will always be low in number. So lets start living like a child, enjoying every moment of our life.

Take out some time to ponder over your life. Don’t get so busy, that you don’t have time for yourself. You will be amazed to find so many things about yourself in solitude. Give time to yourself on a daily basis. Remember, life is not a cobweb, its very simple – it has a well laid down pattern, though it’s a lie. Accept the lie, and rise above these lies. Life is a mere dream, and dreams are something you don’t worry about a lot. We are living under a well planned, organized and structured hallucination. Those who have realized this fact, have gone on to become greater souls. Your goal of life may not be to become a realized soul, but at least know the reason why you are here, and what you are supposed to do in this immortal life. Remember, births and deaths are the only truth in this “lie of life”. Live your death every moment in the most subtle way.

Remember, life is a dream, so don’t worry, be happy.