Take a piece of paper and list out all the things that you want to do and achieve in life. Now segregate these dreams into selfish and altruist category. Believe me friends, if we average out, more than 90% of everybody’s desires are selfish. All of us are lost in our own cobweb of life. Out of these dreams that we have, I bet you majority of them will be one amongst these – to own a big house, to own a car/ bigger car, to save money for retirement, to travel to different places, to earn money, to earn name and fame etc. Our world is limited just like a well is limited to a frog. The frog thinks that the whole world is as big as a well. So is our thinking. Yes, our world is limited to me, myself, me ego, my food, my clothes, my house, my car, my computer, my job, my company, my body and what not mine. I wonder how come we remain interested in this so called “my” world for so long.Don’t you guys feel monotonous with this “I”?

Don’t you guys feel like breaking this shackle of “I”, and break free from it?

Don’t you guys feel burdened to carry this “I” wherever you go?– believe me its damn heavy.

Don’t you feel like loosing whatever you call as yours and calling everything that you don’t own as yours?

Don’t you guys feel like flying like a bird, which does not even flutter its wings, rather just flows with the wind?

Don’t your guys feel like closing your eyes and going to bed with complete tranquility and serenity?

Don’t you guys feel like lending a helping hand?

Don’t you guys fee like getting blessed from somebody whom you just helped and from the one who really needed it?

Don’t you guys feel like rising above your own petty issues and doing something which will bring about a change in someone’s life?

I feel so friends. Don’t you?