Of late, I have realized that heart is more intelligent than mind. Many of you will be surprised with this sentence – well, I was myself surprised too. I have realized there are so many things beyond the intellect, which a normal mind cannot comprehend. Our heart is more closely connected with the spirit within. The moment we open up our heart, life opens up for us. So for a moment, as you read this, give your mind a rest, stop doing all those calculations which your mind always tends to do. More and more you do things from your heart, the more tranquility it will bring to you, the more serene you will become. Send your mind for vacation for some moments every day. Practice doing it on a daily basis, and you will realize that you have learnt the art of meditation. Meditation is all about reuniting your mind, body, heart and soul on a single plane.

When your body connects to your heart, a wave of calmness will pass through you. You will become aware of the eternal peace that has been there with you for so long. Your body will remain the same, with the same stiffness that has been there with you for ages, but you will realize that you have a new found endurance towards it. All your pain and suffering will go away. Though your body will be there in this world, your mind and heart will be on a different plane, connected to the cosmic spirit. You will sense love oozing out of your being. You will feel like embracing all. You will stop judging. You will no more be opinionated in life. You will be in a state of trance. You will be able to feel the eternal bliss, which you have been craving for long. Your body will no longer belong to you. Your body will become irrelevant to you. All the external voice will not impact you. Your inner voice will overpower all external effects. The difference between you, your life, your body will cease to exist. You will start feeling and connecting to the divine string, which your conscience has been craving for long. Your body will stop responding to your external effects, you will become one with the spirit. You will crave to remain in this state forever. The heaviness which you have been carrying with you everywhere will cease to exist. You will be light headed. You will become one with Supreme God.