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Give Your Best, Let Life Do the Rest……………..

Friends, the above statement is a revolutionary statement. I got hold of this statement while I was reading the book ” Discover Your Destiny With The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. This statement is a layman’s version of the famous statement from the Indian holy scripture Bhagvad Gita, where Lord Krishna says, ” Do your work, do not worry about the results”.

I have been very much enthralled by this statement. I can hear some critics saying that there is nothing called as destiny, they believe that harder you work, the more profound will be your result. But there is another statement which we ought to believe – ” There is substitute to hard work, but there is no substitute to bad luck”. But this does not mean that we have to resign to our fate and do nothing about it – if we do so, then we are living the life of a coward.  

Every moment of our life, destiny gives us choices to make. This is where our preparedness to accept or reject, comes into picture. If we are not prepared enough to accept the new propositions which fate has to offer, then we have to be content with the average life which every other person lives. We have to understand and agree to a fact that whatever we are at present, is the sheer reflection of what we have done in the past. The way we think, the way we act and the way we react, the Universal cosmic principle carves out our future accordingly. The position we are at present, is the most suitable position for us to prosper to a level where in we can reach the umpteen zenith of life.

Our decisions carve out a unique way for our life. Few days back, I took a big decision I life, and because of that I can see few lines in my hand change drastically. Some of you reading this may not be great believers in science of palmistry. But no one can deny the things the way it is.

We continuously need to strive for the best and give our best. We have to believe that whatever happens to us after, is also for the best. If things do not turn out as per our expectations, then it is because life has to offer some lesson to us, so that we can be prepared for a similar bigger situation in future. No one( apart from saints ) know why things happen the way they are. But the fact is there is a well defined life for all of us here. We all are intended to lead a great life. That’s why we have got this human birth. We have to realize the immense potential lying within this outer covering made up of bones and muscles.

We will defy our true being, if we don’t realize the greatness within us. We have to continue to endeavor to give more than what we can offer. Then life will take its own course towards greatness. “Faith is giving divine a chance to act”. Let us all give our best, and then let God decide the best course of action for us. We do not have control over everything in life. But we definitely have control over our mind, body, thoughts, actions and emotions. Let these be entwined with the bigger visions of your life. Let your thought process be very pure, let your actions be judicious and morally oriented, let your mind carve out bigger goals in life, let your body follow a regular regime of discipline, and let your emotions be like that of a child. If we do these basic things in life properly, then nothing in the world can stop us from achieving and scaling big heights.

Spiritually speaking, destiny decides 65% of our results, and willful action decides 35% of our results. But the fact is we do not make use of even 1% of the 35% of our willful action. It is because we fear to take a course, where others have not taken. We resign to our fate, and accept the way things shape up in our life. This is not an ideal way of living a life. We have to make an attempt in unearthing the power within, then only we will be able to utilize some portion of 35% of the willful action.

It is but natural, that once we give our best, we also start to expect the best results; and once the result is not as per our expectations, we feel dejected and frustrated in life. Hence we need to have a spectator like attitude for the way things happen in our life. Be stable in both good and bad moments in life. Accept the way things turn up, and then keep trying to move towards the next higher plain. Let us not complain about what we don’t have in life. There is a beautiful saying which says that ” I complained about the bad shoes that I have, until I saw a man without his legs………”